Maryland’s Mountains

The Mountain Counties:

From west to east

  • Garrett County
  • Allegany County
  • Washington County
  • Frederick County

The four counties that make up western Maryland’s mountain counties cover three Appalachian Provinces. Made up mostly of folded layers of sandstone, limestone and other sedimentary rocks it runs through the Appalachian Plateaus Province; The Ridge and Valley Province; and the Blue Ridge Province moving west to east across the western panhandle of the state.

Appalachian Plateaus Province

Containing deposits of coal in it’s mostly sedimentary layers of rock, this region contains most of the highest peaks in Maryland. Covering Garrett County and most of Allegany County these mountains are home to coniferous forests and contain some small peat bogs more common in Canada.

Ridge and Valley Province

Containing fewer high peaks than the Appalachian Plateaus, the Ridge and Valley Province contains a number of peaks above one thousand feet. Making up part of Allegany County and all of Washington County, this Province’s highest peak is Warrior Mountain at 2,185 feet above sea level. Outcroppings of limestone and shale are common in much of the area.

Blue Ridge Province

The smallest of the geological provinces in the state, The Blue Ridge Province makes up the western third of Frederick County and a narrow band along the eastern border of Washington County. With the tallest peak being Quirauk Mountain, there is a preponderance of metamorphic rocks in this Province.

The Highest 21 Mountains, Ridges and Hills in Maryland


  1. Backbone Mountain; 3360; Garrett; Appalachian Plateau
  2. Negro Mountain; 3075; Garrett; Appalachian Plateau
  3. Meadow Mountain; 3022; Garrett; Appalachian Plateau
  4. Big Savage Mountain; 299; Garrett; Appalachian Plateau
  5. Dans Mountain; 2898; Allegany; Appalachian Plateau
  6. Winding Ridge; 2842; Garrett; Appalachian Plateau
  7. Warrior Mountain; 2185; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  8. Quirauk Mountain; 2140; Washington; Blue Ridge (part of South Mountain)
  9. Town Hill; 2039; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  10. Hearthstone Mountain; 2021; Washington; Ridge & Valley (in Bear Pond Mountains)
  11. Martin Mountain; 1974; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  12. Wills Mountain; 1960+; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  13. High Top; 1880; Frederick; Blue Ridge (part of Catoctin Mountain)
  14. Polish Mountain; 1783; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  15. Sideling Hill; 1760; Washington; Ridge & Valley
  16. Fairview Mountain; 1690; Washington; Ridge & Valley (in Bear Pond Mountains)
  17. Powell Mountain; 1548; Washington; Ridge & Valley (in Bear Pond Mountains)
  18. Sword Mountain; 1530+; Washington; Ridge & Valley (rising into Pa.)
  19. Green Ridge; 1424; Allegany; Ridge & Valley
  20. Sugarloaf Mountain; 1282; Frederick; Piedmont
  21. Tonoloway Ridge; 1240+; Washington; Ridge & Valley

via Maryland Geological Survey FactSheet 9.

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